Pay It Forward National Conference Program

Annually, PADESTA sponsors the “Pay It Forward” ASTA National Conference program. This year, the “Pay It Forward” program will pay the ASTA National Conference EARLY REGISTRATION FEE for ONE MEMBER of the PADESTA Chapter.

This grant program was generously started and funded by a committed member of PADESTA and continues through generous donations from PADESTA members. The winner will be chosen by a committee of PADESTA Board Members and notified before Thanksgiving.

All PADESTA members are eligible with the exception of PADESTA board members and previous “Pay It Forward” recipients.

Applications for Pay it Forward are open year from September 1st to November 1st.

If selected, you must complete registration and payment for the ASTA National Conference by their EARLY REGISTRATION deadline. Please speak with your school administrator(s) before completing this to ensure that approval to attend the Conference is highly likely. This fund does NOT cover hotel and transportation.

“Having never had the opportunity to attend a national ASTA Conference, I was blessed to take part in the Virtual 2022 Conference thanks to the PADESTA “Pay It Forward” campaign. I learned so much in those four days, and didn’t even need to adjust my teaching schedule in order to attend. I enjoyed both the practical and thought-provoking sessions and I’m excited to implement many new concepts into my teaching.”

– Eric Jones

Past Award Recipients:

Phil Watts
Lauren Donato
Eric Jones